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Milan, Italy

February 15th 2016

Milan has to be one of the most beautiful cities i have ever experienced, it involved my two favourite things; Shopping and Italian Food. Everyone was so welcoming, the atmosphere was so warm, and the streets were incredible.

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As Valentines day had just been, the streets were filled with red hearts hanging above the road, this made Milan look even more beautiful than it already did. It was getting to around 8pm and it amazed me how shops were still open, the streets were still filled, and i was able to eat my dinner outside, it wasn’t extremely warm, but it was a very pleasant temperature.


Dinner was delightful, but i had an idea in my head that it was just going to be pasta and pizza, and i was very wrong. Pizza is a main course, however pasta is not, it is classed as a first course, you have it before your second course, which is typically meat and vegetables with no carbs. Being the child i am, and with my love for spaghetti bolognese, i had to ask if i could have it for a main, and without fail the restaurant filled my needs, although it was a lot smaller than the usual portion i have, it was actually a perfect size.

IMG_5152 IMG_5161IMG_5424IMG_5456

Grand Hotel et de Milan

Is one of the most beautiful hotels i have ever stayed in, The location is perfect, right by the fashion district, and as for the hotel and it’s flawless staff, it is very elegant, and has such a classy, warm feel, it felt as if i had stepped back in time, as the hotel was built in the 1860s it hasn’t changed massively, as a staff member told me they aspired to keep it as close to the original, it was definitely old world elegance with the right touch of luxurious class.

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American Apparel

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The Fashion District was INCREDIBLE. Right outside my hotel, was Armani, Gucci, Cartier, Versace and the list goes on, the shops were beautiful, and each one was guarded with security at the door, i almost felt too intimidated to enter, unfortunately all the shops are the expensive ones, apart from a little further out of the main district, there were shops such as Zara, Mango, Banana Republic and more, they were less intimidating to shop in, and i managed to spend a lot of money in them, but i did however, go inside of the more expensive ones, and they do treat you like a princess, overall it was a wonderful experience. I highly recommend Milan, as there is more to do than just shop, there is so much scenery to be viewed, food to eat and culture to learn about, obviously my intentions was to shop, but i would go again, to view the things i missed.

My next post, will be on DIOR, and my experience.

Catch it in the next few days



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