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How Instagram Has Influenced Mens Fashion

Social Media has had a massive impact on modern living – from the way we listen to music to the way we eat. Instagram looks set to replace the catwalk as the first place to look for new fashion. It acts as a platform for those of any gender, ethnicity and age to express their fashion views.




It has helped to increase the amount of fashion bloggers who are male, allowing men to receive tips and help with what to wear and when and possibly feel not alone as despite majority of stereotypes becoming irrelevant, their is still an element of social stigma around males liking fashion and being seen to be ‘gay’. 

 Instagram has helped to stop typical gender stereotypes, for example ‘fashion being predominantly feminine’,    Instagram has allowed men who take an interest in fashion to show off their styles.

A Place to Learn

Everyone can now be part of the menswear scene, with Francesca York, Social Media and Marketing Manager at River Island believing social media has allowed this. “Social media is the perfect channel in which men can engage with fashion. It has allowed them to become more visible and vocal within the fashion world. There are many more opportunities to voice their opinions and for those opinions to be heard by a wider audience, outside of their own peer groups”. 

Instagram has created a space that let’s people see what’s going on in menswear. It allows men to interact with new styles and trends without having to partake. You can see how other men style clothes and it can be seen as a place to learn. 

Helping Brands


With access to social media just seconds away in our pockets, to now see what’s new and what’s trending, Instagram can tell you through a quick search. The menswear community has somewhere to share their style and start a conversation. Brands can directly talk to its customers and Influencers, and Bloggers can share their work with an audience that’s engaged and ready to interact.



Becoming Noticed


Instagram has also helped modelling companies scout new talent. With millions of users, companies are able to search through public profiles and get in contact with people who fit the description of what they are looking for, they are guarenteed to find someone, simply through sending a direct message which instantly gains them contact with the person they are interested in.





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